Dingi Bingi

The change in petrol or diesel prices in any country is directly linked to a rise or fall in inflation.

In most countries, including Pakistan, they are reviewed on a 15-day or monthly basis, while there are some countries in the world, including India, where the prices of petroleum products are changed on a daily basis.

The current price of petrol in Pakistan is Rs 100.69 per litre while the price of diesel is set at Rs 105.43 per litre.

The most expensive petrol
As of November 30, the average price of petrol per liter in the world is Rs 162.30 (Pakistani Rupees).

Hong Kong

But the most expensive petrol is in Hong Kong where it costs Rs 364.85 per liter (Pakistani rupees).

Second is the civil war-torn country of Syria. Petrol sells at Rs 326 per liter, while the Central African Republic ranks third at Rs 320.42 per liter.

Cheapest petrol:

The cheapest petrol in the world is in Venezuela, where it costs Rs 3.20 per liter (Pakistani rupees).

In second place is Iran, where petrol is sold at Rs. 9, 22 paise per liter (Pakistani rupees)

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