Top 5 Mobile Apps 2020 – Mobile Phone Applications


Several mobile phone applications are available on Google Playstore which are helpful in doing routine tasks on mobile phones. We all know about most of the apps but here are top 5 mobile apps which are widely used on mobile phones. These amazing apps include:

  • Split Music
  • Reaction Trainer
  • Super Status Bar
  • Smart Lens
  • Smart Face

Top 5 Mobile Apps in 2020

1. Split Music

split music
Split Music-Top Mobile apps

Split Music app is very convenient way to cut and separate the music file. This mobile phone application has made splitting music files a fun and easy job. These application have different features for editing like:

  • These apps can select all mp3 files from SD card.
  • After which you can select one or more files for editing at the same time.
  • You can cut files by using forward and back selector buttons.
  • These apps have additional option of play music before cutting.
  • Once you are done with editing you can save edited mp3 file directly into your SD card.
  • One more advantage is you can set your edited music file as your ringtone.

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2. Reaction Trainer

Reaction Trainer
Reaction Trainer

This is another top mobile app available on Google play store. Reaction trainer apps are used to boost the speed of your reactions. And also help to improve your reaction accuracy in workouts whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Whatever task you want to do on your androids you can do that fast with the help of these apps.
  • you can create your own reaction training system to improve your reactions using other connected devices.
  • You can play games more batter by boosting your reaction while using these reaction training apps.

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3. Super Status Bar

Super Status Bar
Super Status Bar

This is one of the interesting mobile phone applications available on Goggle Playstore. Super Status Bar apps are used to make your classic status bar more glamorous and transparent. Several background images and font styles are available here for drop down status bar.

These apps also provide more features for status bar and even you can enable or disable all features and elements with single touch.

It is a very good and elegant alternate for classic status bar. These apps not only provide options for changing the look of your status bar but also provides several other features which make your android more interesting for you.

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4. Smart Face

Smart Face
Smart Face

Google Play store provides another app naming Smart Face to select best wallpapers for your mobile phones. Their library contains a lot of wallpapers for different gadgets including clock designs, weather designs, health gadgets, calendars, step counter gadgets, compasses, GPS.

Wallpapers are not only for gadgets but for different social media apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc.

To use this app, you have to grant some permissions like contacts access, location access, storage access and calendar and events.

5. Smart Lens

Smart Lens
Smart Lens App

Smart lenz app is an app to scan your images and then to convert them into text.

If you have to type something you can save your time by simply taking pictures of that text and scan by using this app. This app will convert your image into text very fast and accurately.

If you convert contact numbers from image, this app provides you an additional feature to call on that number quickly.

If you search data with the help of this app then your search data will remain save in the app. Whenever you need find what you did in the past you can search it from history feature of this app.