Guidelines by WHO For Having Safe Ramadan


Today world is facing the worst coronavirus pandemic situation, a situation of complete lock-down in most countries. All industries and offices are closed to save humanity from coronavirus and to prevent its spread.

The holy month of Ramadan is approaching next week and World Health Organization has issued guidelines for this holy month. These guidelines should be followed by the Muslims to save themselves and their families from coronavirus.

Not only the WHO has issued the guidelines but all Muslims countries have also issued their own guidelines at individual level. The guidelines by Who are on two basis: For congregation and for gatherings.

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WHO Guidelines for Congregation Prayers

  • People must keep physical distance of 1 meter i.e. 3 feet every time.
  • Replace physical contact with nodding, waving and keeping hand over the heart. All these ways of greetings are good to avoid physical contact.
  • At the eve of Eid and Ramadan there is unusual rush and large gathering in market place, malls, and shopping centers. WHO has advised people to have large gathering at these places.

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  • WHO has requested people to follow national guidelines in case they find any symptom of coronavirus in them.
  • Aged people and the people who already have medical conditions should not go to gatherings or event.

WHO guidelines for Any Gathering in Holy Month of Ramadan

  • World Health Organization has advised people to avoid outdoor gathering and postpone them until the situation is under control.
  • If it is necessary to have the event then make sure the venue is indoor and fully airy with good ventilation.
  • Reduce the time duration of events, if it is possible.

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  • Try inviting less and close relations only to avoid potential exposure.
  •  During the gathering keep maintaining the required distance. Place and arrange sitting by following the rules and guidelines given by WHO.
  • Make sure there is a hand wash and water at the entrance and after that apply hand sanitizer.
  • Make sure there are dustbins and tissues available in the gathering.
  • Consider the use of personal rugs in stead of carpets.
  • The places where people gather for prayers or other holy deeds should be kept clean and washed with detergents.
  • There must be appropriate facility of hygiene at Wuzu place in the mosques.

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