Dingi Bingi

Ernest Hemingway was a Nobel Laureate and it has been affecting human thought for decades. “Few of us know that Hemingway started his career as a journalist” This war reporter was ‘ The Front used to write diary from war and millions of people waited for his writings’ His first episode of ‘A Fair Well to Arms’ was also a part of the events of world war I. Came along,’ the great part of his life was spent in Paris.

This day evening, with great journalists and French pilasters of his time, sat in the “Caffe de Flour” the ‘the sanctorum’ is still in his seat in the kitchen and people are on the seat.

He sits down and creates pictures, ‘His career as a journalist was very glorious’ It would have been the world’s greatest journalist if he continued the career, but then he suddenly left journalism and dedicated the rest of his life to literature and did all the work,’ Said Hemingway. “The decision of The Hemingway surely gave literature an indestructible writing, but journalism was deprived of a great journalist,’ Said Hemingway. The question of why she left journalism was asked by a young journalist one day and she laughed and answered: “Journalists should quit journalism when they started thinking before writing, and I started thinking before I was writing.” Ernest Hemingway’s writing is worth writing in gold, ‘Journalism is the profession of the fearless people and this profession is always grown in fearless societies’ You will be able to become a journalist if you are fearless and if society is also fearless, it will accept your truth otherwise both journalists and society will be dead and unfortunately today both our society and journalists are the face of it. ‘Going through’ Journalists have to think “what people will think” before writing each time and this feeling is a poison killer for both the country and journalism.
I know a number of journalist friends who have changed their names for fear of murder, ‘It’s no longer Qadri’ Zaidi and Jhangvi’ You see fear, ‘See the fear’ Journalist Mian Nawaz is also afraid of writing on Sharif’s mother. They are afraid that they should also be picked up and put into the shares are family account, ‘This fear is not a getaway’, journalists are only journalists. Sana Ullah or Hanif Abbasi are not able to handle the state’s bulldozers.

You see the end of Hanif Abbasi’ properties that were also put in his account which were once passed by but this person is still on hold. Rana Sana Ullah also trembles, ‘These 15 kg of heroin burden swelled, but are there people like Hanif Abbasi or Rana Sana Ullah in journalism also’ Yes, we are suffering from some corona from journalists? And the rest are getting into a corona of silence, ‘You can imagine the future of society, but despite this fear, it will be an excess to not appreciate the patience of Nawaz Sharif’s mother.

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