What Is Coronavirus : Symptoms And Protection


This article contains complete history of coronavirus all over the world. People are worried about the situation and getting sick quickly. First we all wonder what are symptoms of coronavirus and how we can protect ourselves from coronavirus. Here you can know everything by reading thoroughly.


Coronavirus, spreading from Wuhan (a city of China), belongs to the family of viruses which are chronicle for mammals and birds. The droplets (fluid) produced by the breath of infected people is responsible for it expansion. The history of coronavirus goes back to 1960’s when it was first described in detail. The word coronavirus first appeared in a short article “Coronaviruses” on 16th November 1968.

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It is abbreviated as CoV and originated from the Latin word ‘corona’ which means crown. The name is identified with the shape and appearance of virus. Four generous of ‘coronavirus’ are: Alpha coronavirus, Beta coronavirus, Gama coronavirus and Delta coronavirus. The first two types cause infection in mammals only, the third causes infection mostly in birds while the last one causes infection in both, mammals and birds.

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Outbreak of New Coronavirus

New coronavirus is also known as Wuhan coronavirus or 2019-nCoV. Wuhan coronavirus is spreading from Wuhan, a city of China. The first death due to coronavirus was recorded on 11th January 2020 and till now these deaths has crossed the figure 350. In the province of Hubei total infected people are more than 17 thousand, only 15 patients in Hong Kong, 10 in Taiwan and 8 in Macao.

It is expected that the virus will spread human to human rapidly in China and there are threats in other countries as well. Several countries including Pakistan, Japan, Russia, Australia have restricted travel through China.

People who are coming back from China are strictly observed and monitored for one week to two weeks. The World Health Organization has also recognized it as a “Global Health Emergency”. Now let’s straight come to the know the symptoms of coronavirus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

There are various symptoms of coronavirus varying from different animals. Some of them are Diarrhea, fever, cough, breath shortening, sore throat, running nose and bad cold.

All these symptoms of coronavirus can be slight in beginning and then severe. If one is suffering from respiratory problems he should immediately visit the doctor.

The One Who is at Most Risk

After knowing the symptoms of coronavirus the important thing is to know about who is at most risk? People with weak immune system are at most risk. This could be very dangerous for them and for children and adults above 35 years old.

There are no proper treatments and vaccines for the patients affected by this virus. Mammals and pets who once caught into the coronavirus can end death, more probably (Science alerts).

Major Sources of Coronavirus

The major source of coronavirus breakout in Chin’s city is identified as seafood and snakes etc. The Chinese government has banned these markets.

How to Protect: Protection from Coronavirus

Healthcare professionals and medical experts have put forward suggestions to protect ourselves from coronavirus.

  • Everyone has to keep his hands washed and clean all time.
  • Use face mask while going out for shopping or for some other reason.
  • Make sure your hands are washed and cleaned while touching your nose, eyes and other face parts.
  • Avoid contacting the people who are caught in the symptoms resembling to one in coronavirus.
  • Try to avoid going out in the animal and seafood markets.
  • Use hand sanitizer which is alcohol based after washing your hands with soap.
  • Avoid eating sea food specially shrimps and prawns.
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