Cookies Policy

The ‘cookies’ policy for awesome website DingiBingi is given here and is easily accessible from the following link home page – DingiBingi. Like other professional websites and blogs, also uses cookies. Here we have explained about cookies and use of cookies policy by this website.

Brief Description about Cookies

In this modern era of technical development almost all websites (rather professional or non professional) use cookies. It helps these professional websites to work efficiently and properly. To process this all professional websites will generate files with the name cookies. Cookies files are like text files which are small in size, on their users devices such as computers, mobiles and tablets. Cookies make internet experience very smooth and interactive. Web servers and websites usually use these cookies to identify their users and track them how do they navigate through different pages. Generally there are two kinds of cookies one is ‘session’ cookies and other is ‘persistent’ cookies.

Use of Cookies – How We Use ‘Cookies’

Cookies are not for the purpose of identifying users personally. Instead the cookies which are used by websites are kind of severely necessary cookies such as to track the usage, for navigation, to provide desired or targeted content and to remember user’s choice. The information we get by the use of our cookies are mostly used for the purposes given below.

We use cookies:

  • For the recognition of your device as per your visits.
  • For the purpose of analysing the usability of our website.
  • For the purpose of improving the usability of our website.
  • For administering our website.
  • For providing you the required and targeted content.

Third Party Cookies

If you are visiting this website then it is highly possible that third party cookies will be sent to you. These ‘third’ (3rd) party cookies can be sent by our advertiser to get the information and, then use this information for below given purposes:

It may be sent to track your web browsing on different websites.

To make a complete profile about you browsing and surfing on web.

For the purpose of targeting advertisement that based on your interest.

This website (DingiBingi) use Google Analytic tool, this tool is provided by Google Inc. Google analytics tools use cookies a ‘text file’ put on user’s computer for the purpose of tracking and getting information about user’s browsing. On the behalf of DingiBingi ‘Google’ use this information to find out what user like to browse. You also can refuse to allow the using of cookies from setting of your browser.

Advertising also done by Google on the basis of third party cookies. You can avoid from google cookies by setting from For more detail on Google privacy policy you can visit the link given here

You also can visit our DingiBingi privacy policy page for more information, about our cookies policy and user ‘privacy policy’.


If you are visiting this website and using its cookies means you are agreed with our cookies policy and of course it’s terms of use.