Dingi Bingi

Sangarpur (NNI) Singapore no longer needs to slaughter chicken for meat as the meat produced in the laboratory will soon be available in restaurants. According to French news agency AFP, the Us company “At” said that the meat produced in its laboratory has been allowed to sell in Singapore. According to the company, the news is a major development for the food industry around the world, as the company is looking for less dangerous ways to environment for meat preparation. Josh Titter, chief executive officer of at Just, a company, says

I think this approval is an important milestone for the food industry. He said. I hope it will take over the next few years to a world where meat will not need to kill any animal or cut a tree. Due to consumer pressure on the environment and animal welfare, there is a growing demand for alternative methods of meat. Consumers were also expressing concerns that the meat produced in the laboratory would sell at expensive points, but a spokesperson for the at-just company clarified that the company was preparing for it at cheaper points. The company used a 1,200 liter bio-rector to develop an alternative to chicken meat, during which protective aspects were also taken into account to prepare quality meat from animal cells. Singapore’s food agency has also confirmed that it has approved the sale of meat produced at the at-just laboratory which will be used in making the negates. Singapore’s food agency has given the approval after it has come to the end that poultry meat produced in the laboratory is safe and standard for use.

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