How to Check Your LESCO Online Bill – LESCO Duplicate Bill


Now you can find your LESCO duplicate bill online through your mobile or laptop using internet in very short time anywhere in the world. You can view LESCO bill online by just entering your reference number in the fields and click on submit button your bill is on your screen with in no time. You can check LESCO bill online and can also download lesco wapda bill if you want even you can print this bill to use in any department or to pay bill online or in bank. Now you can pay your bill through any E-payment service or online banking like jazzcash that is widely using in Pakistan and other services are easypaisa, u cash, e-saholat HBL konnect etc.

Due to address mistake or some other reason people do not receive their bill on time. This causes them to face many troubles which is why online billing system is very useful for the masses. LESCO e bill service have been started to facilitate its customers, by using this service you can lesco bill view online. You can simply  click on button given below to download your duplicate LESCO biill online.

Download LESCO Bill

Brief History of WAPDA

WAPDA was founded in 198, under the act of WAPDA, was founded for the development of power and water resources. Worldwide the power sector is undergoing several changes and is developing much more. Monopoly is being considered a negative thing and world is against it.

 So in 1994, WAPDA was unbundled into 12 bodies which were responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Lahore Area Electricity Board was one of them. The name was then reorganized into LESCO, Lahore Electric Supply Company.

Brief History of LESCO

LESCO started working from 22nd March, 1998. Civil districts of Lahore, Okara, Kasur and Sheikhupura come under the responsibility of LESCO. The electricity industry in the world is undergoing several changes; hence LESCO is working on the base of many values. These values are working for the betterment of people, safety of masses comes first, excellence to achieve possibly high standards, teamwork and the quality of electricity provided to the people.

The vision of Lahore Electric Supply Company is to be one of the top electricity providing companies in Pakistan till 2021. That’s why LESCO is working on the basis of highest values and ethical standards. According to Lahore Electric Supply Company, their mission is to generate reliable, environmental friendly and safe and secure power supply to the masses.

Online Bills By All Other Electricity Companies

There are ten (10) operational circles which comes under LESCO; North Lahore Circle, Eastern Lahore Circle, Central Lahore Circle, South-Eastern Lahore Circle, Okara Circle, Nankana Circle, Kasur Circle, Sheikhupura Circle, GSO Circle and Project Circle.

It is too simple to view your LESCO duplicate bill online using your reference number and internet, you need to follow these stelps:

1- Click on button given below

2- Enter your reference number printed on your bill

3- Click on submit button and bill is on your screen.

If LESCO customer wants any help or complain for electricity related issue then they can contact on this helpline 0800-00118.

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