How to Check Your IESCO Bill Online – IESCO Duplicate Bill Online


IESCO and all other electricity providing companies started an online service to facilitate their customers. Now any customer of IESCO can check, download and print their IESCO duplicate bill online. To get your IESCO bill online click on button given below.

To download your bill you need only mobile or laptop and internet access. Then by clicking on above button you have to enter your reference number and click on submit button, your bill is in front of you that you can download or print easily. To print your bill you need a printer and use A4 size paper and also select A4 paper from the computer in printer option. 

Download Your IESCO Bill

We always try our best to give you best, authentic and useful knowledge. You also can see more verification and digital facilities given by government institutions to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan like SNGPL bill online, SSGC bill online, PTCL bill onlne and many more. You may also like this service by FBR verify your NTN status online and CNIC verification by NADRA.


WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) plan that was approved by Govt. in 1992 had the following three goals.

1- Addition of new capital with the existing one.

2- Improvement in the efficiency and prices.

3- To play its competitive role in the private sector.

WAPDA was facing intervention of Govt. institutions and political entities which contribute to enhance the risk factor for investment. Now with the establishment of autonomous regulatory authority it was made possible to attract investors from market. IT was a need of time to reduce the impact of political interference so that water and power resources could be used properly. The main objective of NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) is to provide safe and high quality power connections to the people and the provision of opportunities for development.

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The establishment of IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) was made possible in 1998. IESCO was established to perform all the responsibilities in Islamabad area electricity board. The main functions include generation, transmission, sale and distribution of electricity covering the territory of Attock to Jhelum. IESCO provides its services to 25 million people and its number of consumers is 2.8 million. IESCO is contributing to the development of water and power resources. 

In case if someone loses their electricity bill or they don’t receive bill on time then they can simply download and print their bill online.

IESCO want to be and is admired as the leader in the sector power and electricity. Its mission is:

1- To provide a fair power supply to all the consumer so that all the industrial, commercial and education activities can flourish in Pakistan.

2- In order to become a socially responsible agency in Pakistan to achieve lowest rate of loss in Pakistan.

3- To generate higher profits for the shareholders to enable transparency and operate in ethical environment.

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