How to Check Your GEPCO Online Bill – Check Duplicate GEPCO Bill


GEPCO is providing many facilities to the people of its jurisdiction. It has provided an online facility as well for getting duplicate GEPCO online bill. Any customer can find his/her GEPCO duplicate bill online by using their reference number. They can find their reference number from their previous bills. To get your GEPCO online bill copy the code given below and open it in new tab to enter your reference number and view bill given below and enter your reference number in the relevant field.

Download Your GEPCO Bill

Click on the button given above to check your bill online or to print your duplicate electricity bill and you will get a screen by GEPCO that will required the 14 digit number of your electricity bill named as reference number. If you don’t know what is your reference number you can find it on your electricity bill on the left side above the name detail of customer. Type this reference number in the field and than press the submit button below this filed. New window will open in tab where your bill is shown, you can save this bill in your computer of you can download it. If you want to print this bill than you need a printer and use A4 size page than click on print button given top of the e-bill.


GEPCO Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited covers the districts of Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin. Company was established on 25 April 1998 and got the certificate to run business on 5th June 1998. All the administrative duties are in the hands of Board of Directors.

During early 1960’s, government of Pakistan initiated a step towards the better utilization of water and power resources. An institution was established for this purpose, named as Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). WAPDA was an independent and fully autonomous body responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of power resources.


WAPDA comes second after Great Army of Pakistan, performing all its duties very well. Before 1980 WAPDA was solely working for power distribution and during 1980’s eight Area Electricity Boards of WAPDA were established to perform power distribution duties and Gujranwala was one of them.

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In 1998, two wings were established namely WAPDA and PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company). PEPCO was over all incharge while WAPDA was the incharge of water resources and hydro generation only. PEPCO was managing GENCO, NTDC and DISCO. GENCO is related to Thermal Power Generation, NTDC was related to transmission of Power and DISCO was related to distribution of power.

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