Online FBR NTN Inquiry – Verify NTN Number


Online NTN inquiry is the process of online verification for National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR, This is a government department named as Federal Board of Revenue. Using NTN number of any sole proprietor you can verify online from FBR website using the link given below that it’s a valid NTN or not. You also can verify here individual or personal national tax number using your CNIC number. Anyone can verify NTN number using CNIC or passport number for individual verification and registration number or sales tax number for corporations. 

Main authority for the documentation of NTN is FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and the process for NTN registration is 2 working days. NTN number is necessary for you if you want any salary transaction, business or tax payable activity. 

Online NTN Inquiry 

Registration Process for NTN:

The process of NTN registration is very simple as given below:

1- First of all open this “”.

2- Press the button given of left side “Registration for Unregistered Person”.

3- New box will open on screen with form will require some information, fill this form with your name, CNIC number (don’t use – while typing numbers), your email address and mobile number.

Note: Your mobile number should be on your CNIC and atleast 30 days old registered.

4- fill these requirement and press submit button for further process.

5- isrs system will send two verification code, one on mobile number and 2nd on your email.

6- put both code in required field and submit. 

Your account is created and Isrs will send you the password on your mobile phone and your email address.

7- Go to login form, enter your CNIC and password and then submit. This screen will appear.


8- Now go to “Draft” given on left side then “registration” and then on “Form/Statement”.

9- Now you will see a highlighted field in the center of box written “181( voluntarily registration field)”. Select and got to “edit” given in top-left corner.

10- Now press the “personal” button and you will get this screen.

There are four different types of national tax number are: Individual or Personal, Association of Individuals, Partnership NTN, Company NTN. 

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